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What is Sound Bullet?

The Sound Bullet is the original rechargeable pocket-size I-O audio tester. A powerful troubleshooting tool that is robust, reliable and portable.

Sound Bullet Trustpilot Reviews

I've never wanted something to go wrong at a show as I do now. Excellent piece of equipment with a friendly helpful faces behind the products. 

Chris (Pulse PA Hire, South England)

The Sound Bullet is awesome. It's really cool, kind of like a Qbox and Rat Sniffer all in one little package, Love it

Ryan (System/FOH/MON Engineer Vancouver BC, Canada)

I'm amazed they've managed to fit it all into such a small unit especially the miniature speaker and amp

Danny (Sound Engineer at Zizys Events, Scotland)

The small size and many features make this an excellent tool to have.
Being able to clip it on one's belt makes it even more a must have.
I am very pleased with the Sound Bullet.

Denny (UK)

Loved it. Always available, my favorite use: being able to listen into the signal flow and to generate pink noise on demand, from anywhere. Best-in-class size and tool-set.

Randall (Sound Engineer in Silicon Valley, San Francisco)

A must have if you are an audio guy and need to be fixing things on the fly, the one tool you wish you had once everything goes wrong, cuts your troubleshooting time in half

Sebastian (UK)

The Sound Bullet is a powerful, small device, always right on the loop of my belt in the convenient carrying case. The construction is solid and it invokes confidence that this is a tool I can rely on for many years to come.

Ryan (Audio Engineer Miami, FL)

The unit I was looking for 40 years long👍

Werner '4' Bayer

This is truly a great tool. Very high quality. The way its made. Simple operation and cool features. As soon as I saw it. I bought.
No questions, no doubts.
Just bought.

Mauricio (United States)


The Sound Bullet is a pocket sized audio signal and wiring verification device designed to help your workflow.



Internal Speaker and 3.5mm Jack


Find Faults Quickly

A quick and handy powerful tool that can be used as a substitute for each element that handles audio, helping you locate any faults quickly and effectively.

Preventative Tool

The Sound Bullet should be used as a preventative tool for quick diagnosis and troubleshooting problems with complex audio setups.

Multiple Applications

Conceived for applications ranging from live entertainment audio installation to studio recording, broadcast and television. 

Test VT Audio Lines


Test DI Boxes