Frequently Asked Questions

Sound Bullet

Why do the Phantom Powers LEDs flash

What happens if Phantom Power is higher than 52V?

Why are there two LEDs to indicate Phantom Power presence?

Can my Sound Bullet test Comms?

Why does the generator come out of the speaker when I route it to the Jack?

Why does the LED in the middle change colour or pulse?

Why isn't there a +4 dBu output selection?

Why does the output of my keyboard sound saturated through the speaker?

Does the Sound Bullet cable-test TRS as well as XLR?

How do I continuity test XLR cables?

Does the Sound Bullet generate Phantom Power?

Can I put my Sound Bullet's protective case on a belt?

How long does the battery last for?

How long does the battery need to charge for?

Can I not pay VAT? ... Please?

Where is the Sound Bullet manufactured? I'm confused...

Will I get any discount when ordering in bulk?

How do I recharge my Sound Bullet?

How do I know when to recharge the Sound Bullet?

Can the Sound Bullet test microphones